Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ka Boom!

This was my piece for the "I spy cupcake" show at Digital 3 a while ago. The original name for the piece was "she bangs, cupcakes are the bomb/ explosiveo." but Ka Boom will do for now.
acrylic on board.

Da naaa na naaa na naaa BATMAN!

Just messin around with acrylics. sorry the image looks so crappy, it looks better in person I swear... no really.

Pont Aven Watercolors

These are the finals for my watercolor assignment in Advanced Media.
Im pretty happy with the way they turned out. They are photos from my time at Pont Aven France.

watercolor.... (sigh)

This is a study I did for our watercolor assignment in Advanced Media. I usually don't enjoy watercolor that much, but I kinda liked this one... go figure.

Fun with Pen and Ink!

These are the pen and ink pieces I did for Advanced Media.
The first is Dwight Schrudt from the Office. The next is my "Man, Pet, and a Machine" assignment. See if you can guess which one is the pet.

The Fighting Armadillos... Ha!

This is the logo for our... or should I say "Your Ringling College of Art and Design Fighting Armadillos!"
Basically its the logo for the softball team I play on with some fellow students, the school was nice enough to sponsor us.

The Saints

These are loosely based on "The Boondock Saints". The idea was to do covers for the graphic novel version of the movie. The first is oil on board and the other is acrylic.


I know, I know.... Its about time. Well I wish I could say its because I was waiting to reveal some major, amazing new pieces, but no... just havent gotten around to it.
Well Here are a few from the first semester and up untill today. Hope you enjoy, comments always welcome!