Saturday, December 23, 2006

Call Don

this is a logo idea for a catering business called "Call Don Catering".
the black background is only for the blog.


Anonymous said...

Me again...
make sure the color palette is appropriate for the application (t-shirt, vinyl, business cards) I think the whole layout is nice and clean. I'd make "catering" all caps in the same font as "DON". Shrink it to fit and choose one of the pre-existing colors. More simple, the better and easy to read. Keep it up!

IrisOn said...

its pretty nice man,i'm really thinkn but i cant find anything wrong, ''catering'' might be a little dark but you are kinda gay so i'll let it slide.......... right in to your butt, fag

mauricio salmon said...

i think it works nice, since it's a logo you want to keep it clean and simple.

willie.d. said...

i would be careful with the detail in the face and the phone... do some test shrinking it down to business card size (roughly an inch), and see if you can still make out the detail. One of the biggest mistakes logo designers make is designing big and forgetting about readability at small scales. I would try simplifying alot. I like "call don" but i would do something about "catering". You also have to be careful... when you put this on a white background... ur gonna lose "call"... and if u put it on black you are going to lose catering.

other than that it looks real good.