Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cave troll sketch...

So Im starting to sketch digitally now, this is the first. I actually really like the process.
as usual let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I think that my favorite thing about your troll in the cave was how you showed his sheer massive size by placing the people at the same anlge and from the same perspective but had them much much smaller...I like this one..the troll reminds me of my

Dannielle Slaughter

Mikelfa said...

Hi, my name is Michael Falcone and I’m doing a documentary on the Fremont Troll sculpture in Seattle (2nd only to the Space Needle in terms of most favorite Seattle icon). Part of the documentary involves the designers researching what trolls might look like, and while doing an online image search I can across your sketch- which I think is stunning. Would it be possible to use in the documentary? You’d be credited, of course, for use of the image, but I’m on a tight budget so unfortunately I can’t pay you.
Please let me know. Nice work. A link to the trailer is below.