Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A notice to anyone who cares:

Today is a new day.

Starting today I'm officially picking myself up, dusting myself off, and will hold myself to the same standards I did when I was in school. To learn, to observe, to take risks, and most importantly to always grow as an artist.

So, If you find yourself seeing comments from me, or posts from me, and are thinking "who is this guy, and/or where has he been?" Its just me scratching and fighting my way back into the illustration scene. . . don't be a stranger (trust me it sucks).

So come back soon, I will be posting more often, and thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this . . . even if it is only you mom.



Erin McGuire said...

When I went to last year's concept art workshop, I saw guys much older than we are, finally getting a break and finally getting a handle on this industry, and I realized that in art, you're never too late. There's always time to get things going, and maybe we were all in a rush for nothing. We have plenty of time.

Best of luck with everything!

Adam Tamte Volker said...

WOOooOOooo, good for you dude. Glad to have you back in the fold.

wherever that is?